Wolves Lane Workshop

Do you like fixing things?

The aim of the Wolves Lane Workshop is to help conserve, maintain, and improve the buildings, facilities and equipment at the Wolves Lane Centre. Volunteer sessions are held every Tuesday from 11am to 4pm.
The workshop was started in September and we’ve now got a workbench with a vice, quite a few tools and a toolbox. We have been able to fix several wheelbarrow and trolley punctures, restore a sack barrow to working order, replace two broken panes of glass with polycarbonate, get two sets of glasshouse doors working again and tidy up the path known as Rabbit Walk.
If you are good at fixing things or organising or would just like to help out, and can volunteer at the centre on Tuesdays, please contact Roger Skipper at wolveslaneworkshop@gmail.com
Thank you!