Solar Panels installed!

We’re excited to report on the result of our Crowdfund last year.

Drakes Renewables, a local business, have installed two arrays for us.  On the boiler house roof (18 panels) shown above and another 13 on the classroom roof. It is a 12.4kW peak system with very high specification panels (possibly a UK first).

It was all connected up late on Thursday 23rd May and generated 272 kW hours – equivalent to saving 107 kg of CO2 and planting nearly half a tree in the first week.

We have a web portal which gives us real time information about what the panels are up to. We plan to have a display which will show in real time how much power we are generating and and our CO2 savings. 

So, we would like to thank all the people who supported our crowdfund!

This will really help the site finances because we will save on our electricity bills and we will receive the Feed in Tariff.  We will use most of the electricity on site, but may consider installing a battery to store electricity we don’t use immediately.

The project also helps the Borough towards its  target to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

The project has been a fantastic team effort from the site volunteers, the Ubele Initiative, Crop Drop and Organiclea and we are all very proud of this achievement